Signal Iduna Ambulant plus Kontaktlinsen Rechnung

Signal Iduna Ambulant plus Kontaktlinsen Rechnung

Beitragvon Kalinke » 20.08.2019, 13:05

As you informed me that I can buy glasses or lenses that will be paid by Signaliduna Ambulant every 2 years until 375 Euro. I bought one and contact lenses.

I sent the invoices as I sent before (from Apollo)

But I received the letter attached from Signal Iduna Ambulant plus and they did not pay back.

I do not understand what is expected. The opticshop can only give the invoice I sent to you.

Please kindly support me.

Best regards
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Re: Signal Iduna Ambulant plus Kontaktlinsen Rechnung

Beitragvon mkiedrowski » 20.08.2019, 13:10

Thanks for the invoice, which you sent us by email.

Unfortunately i have to inform you, about the fact, that it is nessecary, that on the invoice it´s noted, what you actually bought at apollo. (Even i and and normal private people would of course believe you, that you didnt buy clothes at apollo)

Lenses or glasses and that this lenses have a diopter value. Because it could be, that a customer bought just lences for cosmetic issues (e.g. blue eyes or whatever) which would not be covered by an health insurance.
So please just ask at Apollo, if they can give you an official bill or invoice, where is noted what kind oft object (glasses, lenses) you bought there and how much diopter value it has. If your name would be on the bill, this would also be helpful.
Ist just because in the past it happened kind of often during the last time that customers sent invoices which were actually from friends or family members (who are not covered with a contract). Or they tried to get money back for sunglasses (without diolter value) which are not covered by an health insurance (if they are not for treating a poor eyesight).

I think Apollo can help you with that. Maybe if this is not possible, they could just additional (to the invoice) create you a paper, which proves: „Hiermit bestätigen wir, dass (Name, Vorname) bei uns am ….. Kontaktlinsen für einen Preis von:____________ für sich gekauft hat, sie hat die Dioptrienstärke: .

Other insurance ask for a prescription for glasses or lenses of a doctor, which is not nessecary for Signal Iduna.
They just told me, that this was your first invoice for glasses/lenses, so they have no prove, that there is a medical indication (means a diopter value) and on the invoice unfortunately ist not written, that its for
Lenses (with a diopter value) to treat poor eyesight (which is a coved medical issue of course).

I´m sorry about the need to inform you, and if i have to make you some incconveniences with this, but it´s the only way to get your money back. Usually the money will be payed back by Signal Iduna within 3 days after they got the right papers and proofs.
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